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Hey from Iowa


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:hi:Hey just wanted to join in hopes of finding new great products that I can use on my 03 SS and meet new good people. I do some at home waxing and cleaning of my own truck with your run of mill products like meguiars, mothers, and black magic but want broaden my horizons to better more effective products for my ss to keep it looking its best for many more years to come. I am also a member at silveradoss.com same name. With that being said here is some picutes of my ss after one such session. oh and btw I haven't used Adams in the past but hope to in the future.





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If you want that truck to look its best you should buy the Adam's products. Ashley posts daily specials on the forum and she and the whole Adam's crew are willing to help you and answer any questions you might have.




You also might want to watch the Junkman video series on detailing. He actually knows what he is doing. :D:lolsmack::lolsmack:

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Hey Eric! Hello from Bettendorf!


We can have an Adams party now! I have almost everything they sell so if you want to see it or use some of it let me know.




working in Davenport

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