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New intake for the Taco.


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Got my hands on the TRD CAI kit for realy cheap. Way too good to pass up. Even if I don't like it, I will always get my money back at the very least. Anyhows.. here are some pics:








Verditct is still out whether I am keeping it in or not. Depends on how the MPG comes back after a full tank goes through it. RPMS seem lower in my city driving, which could result in a good thing. Above 1800K or so, I feel like I might have a crisper response. Could be all butt-dyno too. Sound is either growing on me or diminishing as the ECU relearns my driving.


Anyways, thanks for looking as always!

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sweet...I have the same setup in my Taco...Im about to buy the TRD exhaust, but I cant swallow paying for the shipping of it. You should post back if you see any improvement in MPGs. I know that I have not seen one bit of difference despite the claims you'll see all over the place about CAIs.

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Once a full take goes through it I should have a good idea. Most likely it is just placebo that I am feeling. But RPM are most definately lower when I am going around town. I find it east to punch it to get some response out of the intake which could lead me to less mpg. I try to keep it around 2k for most driving situations.


As for the exhaust, why not just go with a muffler? I was looking at the Aero Turbine 2525XL. That comes with a resonator to keep the noise close to stock. The 2525 will be louder. DynoMax makes a nice muffler for our trucks.

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