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An added bonus with Waterless Wash

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I'm sure those of you among us that fight the constant battle to keep black paint looking pristine can understand what a PAIN it is to keep dust off the paint. Sometimes I feel like by the time I finish washing and waxing the panel I started on is already dusty. The problem seems to compound after a day of waxing as the buffing action tends to build a slight static charge on the paints surface which actually attracts light dust!! I've noted over the years the dry weather seems to compound this effect even further... so those of you in more humid climates might not be seeing this as much as I am.


I've even noticed this effect exaggerated on days where my city is doing landscape maintenance. When I stop after driving thru town small bits of dried grass, chopped leaves, and pollen are clinging lightly to the lower half of all my door panels.


NO MORE!! After only 2 uses of the waterless wash I've noted a DRAMATIC reduction in the level of static build up on the paint, translating to far less dust and light debris on my perfect black paint!! So now I plan to experiment with a post detail waterless wash treatment even on clean paint... by reducing the level of static build up the product serves to make itself less necessary... confused?


Allow me to explain my theory - If I do one treatment of waterless wash immediately after I detail the car will have no (or a dramatically reduced) static charge. Rather than having to use tons of product to 'clean' the car again after the dust settles I can use a light treatment to cut the static before the problem starts and subsequently reduce the intervals with which I will have to use the product again!!


Just a little added bonus to an already awesome product!!

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I'm confused, so what you are saying is if I use it I won't have to use it :lol:



Thanks for the tip Yogi :thumbsup:




What I'm saying is by PREEMPTIVELY using it immediately after a detail you'll have to use it less frequently down the line.


I used to have to detail spray almost daily to keep the dust under control. Now with the waterless wash I'm 2-3 days between wipe downs to keep the dust at bay. Thats a pretty drastic reduction in the amount of time/product I have to use to combat dusting.

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This is going to sound crazy but i noticed last night that when i was doing a waterless wash on my tuck it seemed that i was getting a small static feeling as i was wiping it down, almost like it destaticing ( is that a word?) it. This mornign i got in and noticed dust all over the hood but as soon as i hit the highway it was all gone.... i love this stuff it is like more magic from Adams.

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I used the WW for the first time today on both my DD (2000 GMC Sierra)and the Redline and it works wonderful, the truck looks awsome! I agree this is a fantastic product for the black paint on the Redline and I also noticed the dust doesn't settle on it like the DS. I now have a new favorite Adam's product!!

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Now its not clinical testing by any means but I have been playing with this some and the results are undeniable. After some recent details I have done some experiments to test my theory and so far it seems to be holding water... or holding waterless as it were :D


I have completed polishing/waxing stages of the detail and chosen a few panels to use as my test bed. After wiping the wax off I've gone back over half of a panel with waterless wash and the other half I've left alone. Keeping in mind that this is IMMEDIATELY after the wax has been buffed off this paint is dust/contaminant free. I've left the garage open to allow as much airflow, and potentially dust, in.


After about 2-3 hours I've returned and the panel that was treated to the waterless wash has significantly LESS dust on it than the panel that was left alone. Next step is to dedicate a full day to this, so hopefully if I can get around to cleaning up the TBSS today, I will let it sit overnight and photo-document the results in the morning.


So far I think I have fairly definitive proof that the WW will cut down on the static charge generated thru the polish and wax process and subsequently cut down on the level of dust accumulation on the paint.

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