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Guess What Got Kicked to The Curb??

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That yucky McGuire's stuff. :loser::loser:


Well when we pulled into parking spots at the Woodward Cruise I decided to bust out the DS and give our Vette a little massage. :D


When I was done everyone around me wanted to use it when they saw how nice and shiny our car was. So I passed my bottle around.


The guy in the Vette parked in front of us and was using that "M" :loser: stuff and I told him to try out the DS on the side that he hadn't touched yet. He was very happy with the results. Later in the day he came up and commented to me at how the DS wasn't allowing the dust to gather on his black car where when he uses that "M" stuff he always has a dust film.


He now has the website address and is going to place an order. :D


I love this stuff and also note how shiny the air cleaner is?? I was out using the Metal Polish on it a 12:30 am Friday night:





My new convert:




I think he was going to throw that "M" stuff away :lolsmack:



And of course my GF Patty had to shine up her ride too:







We had a blast at the Woodward Cruise. They weather was perfect. We left our house at 6 am and got home around 11 pm.


We always seem to get home alot faster than we get there because we can always find someone that wants to "play" on the way home.


FYI...our Big Block is no match for a triple turbo 400 Nova. :jester::willy::willy::willy::jester:


Talk about a squirrley street car!! :burnout:

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I also recently found more evidence that not all detail sprays are created equal.


I set out to try Junkman's "Slow cut" method on a section of my wife's new-to-us Z3 and I thought I'd use the last of my Meguiar's detail spray. I found out that the Meguiar's doesn't revive the SHR to the effectiveness level that Adam's does. It just simply doesn't work that way. Switched over to Adam's and BAM, the Slow Cut method was in the works. Amazing!

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