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Be Careful out there!



It is the rainy season, and we all drive through water puddles...


I was turning into a diner tonight to get some food... Well my meal is going to cost more than I intended...


Hit a pretty bad pothole on the way in. Turns out that the diner said they do not own that section (big surprise) and it belongs to the county. I'll be making a phone call in the morning, but here is the damage.









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Potholes in FL??? :willy::willy: That is alot of damage.


You want to see some major potholes??? Come to MI in the Spring. They are still patching the roads as I type this. :lol:


I hope the County does something for you. I make many pothole complaints before the damage happens and they usually take care of the problem within a few days. I normally tell them that someone is going to get hurt if they don't fix it and then I leave it at that.

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Our potholes are usually from the limerock roadbed being undermined from water coming up from the ground. With all the rain we have we get lots of potholes, and some sinkholes. The sinkholes have even swallowed cars and houses!




There are a couple of Porsche's from the dealership in upper right.




Sorry about the thread-jack Ty.

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