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coolest/silliest/dumbest license plates


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I occasionally see some pretty funny, cool or pretty stupid plates on cars and I figure everyone else must too. So I thought it might be fun to share them.


For example there is a local guy that has "no4bngr" on his Mustang GT. I kinda thought it was funny. I laughed extra hard when I beat him by a half second at the track last year in my four banger. :jester:


Then there was a guy at the track several years ago in an STI that had "v8killa", that's gutsy and I think if you are going to have that plate you better have some serious power under the hood. He did run high 12s but I think some V8 guys were taking pleasure in beating him.


I saw another one on a cobalt and I'm ticked I didn't think of it first that said "27elment" or something like that. Mean cobalt on the periodic table. I thought that was clever.

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