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First day of school


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School on Saturdays!! Can't blame you for not wanting to crawl out on the Weekend. :willy::willy:



Good luck with School and study hard so you can make a fortune in your future. :thumbsup:


Now get going...your gonna be late!! :burnout:


Lol thanks - ill make you proud!

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And don't forget the apple pie for the teacher this time :jester::jester::jester:


Yeah if you saw the teacher you wouldn't want to bake her any apple pies. lol


Have fun jeff. What are you going for


Public Administration with a concentration in Criminal Justice Policy and Adminstration. It's a mouth full. (insert inappropriate joke here).


hahahaha GL bro..i cant laugh that much i start classes again on monday :(


Yeah enjoy it. I don't wanna hear any lame excuses out've you - we're going to tire empire soon.

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Cool i am going for Criminal justice admistration now for a bach and i am thinking about getting another bach in homeland security on top of it. probably no grad school ffor me though


Cool - maybe I'll run into you one day lol

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That is one one of the best things that you can do for yourself (going to Graduate School). I did and the graduate degree has helped me more that I thought that it would.



Congratulations on going to graduate school. Not many have the the opportunity to receive their Master Degree.

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