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Junkman's 1st Ever Vetts at Carlisle Experience!!!

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Well folks, what can I say. It was more than fun, food and friends, it was fantastic! The congregating, laughs and jokes were in abundance. Meeting my fellow forums members was what it was all about. To finally put a name with a face (or avatar in most cases) was well worth the trip, although I seem to not be able to remember one person's name! :lookinup:


As you will see in these pictures, if you missed this event then you missed one hell of a good time. If I croak today, I can say that I went out on one of the best months of my life. Carlisle delivered!!!


First of all, I was a guest of Adam's Polishes so Adam made sure that I got to have the experience first class. He flew me out at zero dark-thirty in the morning. He obviously forgot that I don't like to get out of bed until 11:00 AM so I'll need to debrief him on future trips. I left my house at 5:24 AM, drove to the airport, checked my luggage and went through security and was at my gate at 5:50 AM. I was like O.J. (instead of A.J.) going through the airport, although I didn't cut anyone! Needless to say I didn't do the speed limit getting there or while running through the airport. The plane took off and I beat the sunrise getting high above the clouds.




I did a very short lay over in Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love and I must say, the people were real friendly. That said, this was as close as I would end up getting to the city.




The plane that greeted me for my flight to Harrisburg kinda caught me off guard. It had propellers!




As I got off the plane in Harrisburg, one of the airport workers pointed out to me a place called 3-Mile Island. I vividly remember that name from my younger years as it was always accompanied with a healthy dose of fear. I never knew where it was so once he showed it to me, I took a picture of it. It really doesn't seem all that scary now.




By 10:00 AM, I was at Carlisle and the Adam's crew was trying to get the booth set up. Adam himself is no stranger to hard work and had the detail bottle balloon up in record time. That thing always whips my butt.




I was trying to assist with the setup when I turned around and saw these two chic-a-dees.




In one look, I noticed that they were missing something...


ME! :D




After that, I took a little trip around the joint to see if there were any other chicks missing their very own Junkman. And by golly, I found a few more of them! They had me on the casting couch in record time!




Forum members started showing up at the booth and I have managed to get everyone all mixed up. So instead of trying to identify everyone, speak up and identify yourselves!




By the way, there were some Corvettes there so I took a picture of them. Whoopee. Bring back the chicks, right? :D




I had the enormous honor to have Paul Koerner (C4C5specialist), to drop by the booth and say hi. For those of you who may not know who he is or have had the pleasure of receiving his advice, he is the end all of end all concerning Corvette knowledge. He is the E.F. Hutton of Corvette knowledge. When Paul speaks, shut up and listen because he is about to drop some serious knowledge on your ears. I have mad respect for this man and look forward to hearing him speak whenever he attends the Corvette plant in Bowling Green. If you ever have an opportunity to hear him in person, DO IT. You will be thoroughly amazed at what this man knows.




You know a Junkman thread would not be a Junkman thread without the talk of food. I kinda hate to give away this little secret because I want to make sure that I can get a table when I go back next year, but I'll cave. This is the spot that I take in whenever I go to Carlisle. Adam treated us big time to meals twice at this joint. It ain't cheap so bring a bag of cash! The food and service is phenomenal!






...and you know what I had...




Of course, the reason that I was in Carlisle was to show the power of Adam's Polishes. There were a few guys who thought that they had flawless paint and I was there to give them the red pill. They found out how deep the rabbit hole goes because there is no swirl that can hide from my camera's flash. The owner of this paint had a rude awakening but I freed his mind from the Matrix and now he resides in Zion. :D




Never tell me that you have flawless paint unless you have tested it yourself first because the Junkman has a swirl hunter! :rockon:


So easy, a 9 year old can do it!




I pretty much fraternized with the competition every freakin' chance I got! :drool:






Steve (KrazyTrain) was fraternizing too but I don't think he enjoyed it as much as I did. I think Patrick was giving him the "evil DC eye" during this picture. :lolsmack:




Patrick must have looked the other way...




In a lot of the pictures, you might see a camera crew following us around. Here they are (along with another member of the Adam's crew). They are doing some kind of documentary of our Carlisle experience so stay tuned for a episode. I don't know when it will run but Patrick will let us know. It should be very interesting... :D




The weather did not cooperate at times and when it didn't, we ended up with lake side property. At least it waited until the end of the day.





Although the weather got ugly at the end of the day, that didn't stop the Adam's party under the tent. When the food arrived, it disappeared with a vengeance! Folks didn't mess around and the food was almost gone by the time I quit taking these 5 or 6 pictures! I almost had to throw a elbow to get a sandwich! :help:


Lots of forum members showed up so identify yourselves!














At the party, I was able to get Becky to stop, pop, and drop it! She was like, BAM! There it is!


I hate you Patrick! :lolsmack:




You have to admit, they make such a good looking couple. I can't wait to see their kids, especially the one they name after me. :D




Becky can make anything look good. Check out this hat!




I was busy working on one of my future girlfriends. She promised to go out with me when she got older. I think I impressed her with my Spanglish. :D




Meanwhile back at the show, I ran into one of my You Tube audience. She was happy to meet me in person. I was happy too so I had to cut some of the picture off! :D




One thing about the Adam's tent, that place was rockin' from the word go. It was unreal how we had so many people crammed into that place at any given time. We couldn't even get setup on Thursday because so many people were trying to buy stuff. Adam has some of the best customers on the planet. The vibe in that tent was so warm and fuzzy and the people that Adam had working the tent was first class. :2thumbs:


And now for the picture to end all pictures... ladies and gentlemen, I give to you the forum member we all know and love... Poncherello!




I can now die in peace!. I have met the Ponchster! I swear, he looks like Mini Me's father! :lol:


Whoops, I drifted over into the competitions booth again! :surprised




The DC tent! Right next door to the Adam's tent is where some good times went down. I'm telling you folks, if you had a chance to come to Carlisle and didn't make it, then you really missed out on some good times. I am so here again for years to come, regardless of if I can afford to or not. Carlisle is the event to end all events and meeting everyone from the forum is like hanging out with my extended family. Thank you Patrick for making this happen! :thumbsup:




Okay boys, introduce yourselves! :lookinup:




The DC banner! Look closely...




It has been autographed by a slew of America's Most Wanted! :lolsmack:




I am now on that list! :thumbsup:





The new DC shirt collection! I got'em all, you should too! :thumbsup:






This shirt is soooooo comfortable! I don't know what it is made out of but it really breaths. This will be my new, most favorite shirt. You have got to get one!




The VetteGirl TV shirt is hot!




Another super comfortable shirt! I think it is the same material as the other one I was raving about.




The DC original!




I wonder who this neglected pup belongs to...








Aha! The culprit, and happy new Adam's customer! He bought the Junkman Kit after seeing what I could do with some messed up paint on his ride.




...and looky here, he was hanging out with another one of "DC's Most Wanted!" :lolsmack:




The woman is just hot. So I'm posting her butt... I mean her again! :D




Back to the Adam's tent. Quite a nice spread we had!




Just about time for another hottie shot! :thumbsup:




The man himself, Adam Pitale get's down and dirty doing a demo!




One forum member who I will never forget, mainly because he hangs out with that C6 bunch who seem to get more threads closed than a sewing shop. "Livnup" and his monster ride! :thumbsup:









Well, that just about it folks! I would tell you what you missed if you didn't go but I think you already know. You missed a good one but there's always next year, hopefully. Start saving your funds and I will sign off the way I normally like too... with a little junk to my left and right! :D





The Junkman

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I was trying to assist with the setup


The Junkman



Great pic of Adam!!! I love it.


AJ..."I was trying to assist with the setup" LMAO I think you were on the hottie prowl.



It looks like you had a blast. I really wish I could have made it.


Thanks to taking the time to do this write up and post all the pics.




Ponch aka Mini Me :lolsmack::lolsmack::lolsmack:

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Setup???? Speaking of setup...... here i was walking around minding my own business when i here BIG STEVE!!!! i think to myself that sounds like Junkman??? so i walk over to the Adams tent with him to find 5 pallets of product just waiting to be put up :willy: sooooo about 5 hours later and a sore back we got it all set up and ready for the crowds that were going to swamp this tent. Thursday is a vendor and set up day in Carlisle there really arent any people just hanging around except vendors, you should have seen all the people in the Adams tent buying product before we even had it all set up :2thumbs:


Guess im busted with the smokinvettes girls :rockon:


Some of them girls look familiar



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Oh well, maybe next year you will actually enjoy yourself :jester:



We really need to get AJ to come out of his shell, he's so shy :lolsmack:


No doubt! I have never met the man but I can already tell what kind of guy he is. :thumbsup:

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Hey Adam, One thing we do at our shows is put up a large American flag high in the air. Do you do that?


If not you should think about it.


Adam always runs a American flag at his booths. The problem is, you can't see it because it is higher than his Adam's flags! You can see it in this photo.



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