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Adams Glass Cleaner - Value & Performance

Team Adam's


As I spend time on this and other forums many times the questions I get from people who have never tried a particular Adams product before are "What makes it better than brand XYZ?". I'm usually happy they ask as it gives me a chance to spread the gospel as it were, but it also gives me an opportunity to demonstrate why I have been the long time Adams supporter than I am.


Recently the question was posed to me:


"What could be so special about Adams Glass Cleaner that it costs $35 for a gallon? I use >insert popular aerosol OTC brand here< and I get good results and its cheap"


Lets examine this shall we --


Now we, as Adams users, already know how well the product performs, but for some reason theres seems to be this stigma of 'premium price for premium performance' associated with some of the products. Thats actually not the case, if you break down the cost it becomes evident that not only will Adams Glass Cleaner out perform the competition, its also gentle on your wallet.


A visit to the local autozone will show you that the popular aerosol OTC product (we'll call it Brand X for the sake of sparing feelings) retails at $4.99 at 19oz. Sounds like a good deal right?? Lets look closer.


Adams glass cleaner is $34.95 for 1 gallon or 128 fluid ounces or the equivalent of 6.74 19oz bottles.


Assuming you could buy 6 full and one .74 of a 19oz cans of Brand X to equal the same amount of product you'd get with one gallon of Adams Glass Cleaner your cost would be $33.68... a whopping savings of *GASP* $1.27!! And thats assuming you didn't purchase your gallon of Adams Glass cleaner as part of a daily special or during a sale!!


OK... so lets take it a step further. Some may argue "but I have to pay shipping to get the Adams product" yes... this is true, but at the same time those of you who reside outside of the state of California don't pay any sales tax on your order as opposed to the tax you'd pay to buy "brand X" at your local autozone... then theres also the cost of fuel and time to actually drive to pick up the product versus the man in the big brown truck conveniently dropping it on your doorstep.


So in reality, a premium product like Adams Glass Cleaner, backed with a 110% guarantee, that also happens to be eco-friendly, and easily outperforms the competitors FOR ESSENTIALLY THE SAME PRICE... what is there to think about??


So the next time someone tells you "I'd like to try Adams, but the stuff I use now is cheaper" feel free to let them know premium performance doesn't always mean a premium price tag. :2thumbs:

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One thing I have found is that the Adam's glass cleaner goes a long ways. I can cover a lot of glass with 1 oz of glass cleaner while those aerosol cans took a lot more product.


One of the reasons that most people fail in business is they really have no idea on how to run a spread sheet on costs. I buy a lot of stuff over the internet for the reasons that you stated about tax, driving costs, my time, etc.

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