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Adam's at "insert central FL spot here"


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*note to self... hide the bbq*








That would be awesome to have a event here in Florida with you present!!!


Let's just have it at Peeble's BBQ! Halfway between Orlando and Tampa and close to Cyclone's house, perfect!

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Hey Ty-


I have posted the show schedule on Facebook and on my website. As more shows come available, I will be updating them both.


Type in Elite Detail and Performance in the search box on Facebook or go to http://www.elitedetailandperformance.com and click on the Adam's logo, then click on the "News" tab at the top of every page.


There are 9 shows I am currently signed up for and am awaiting confirmation on a few more. The show at Jack's Paint and Body is supposed to be a big one. I was told in the neighborhood of 300-400 cars. I will be there and have a tent set up. Ashley is sending me an Adam's Balloon so look for that. The show at Geo's on January 3rd in Cape Coral is supposed to be a big one, too. Just going by what I have been told by the event coordinators.


Email me if you have any questions at marc@elitedetailandperformance.com.

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