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went jet-skiing :)


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so im out in the hamptons for the weekend with my family, jeff (jj1087?) is on his way out with his girl... for those of you located not on the east coast...


The Hamptons refers specifically to the towns of Southampton and East Hampton on the east end of Long Island, New York. These townships occupy the South Fork of Long Island. According to the Census Bureau, the Hamptons have a land area of 552.14 km² (213.18 sq mi). Officially they also have 1,212.99 km² (463.34 sq mi) of water area. Their total population as of the 2000 census was 74,431 inhabitants. By far their most populous community is Hampton Bays. The next most populous are Springs, North Sea, and East Quogue.


anyway so yesterday i went jetskiing it was an awesome time ( i have lots of pics my dad took but dont have the camera cable with me i dont think). i got the brand new jetski the kid said it had maybe 20 hours on it... think was crazy fast. i wiped out going about 60+ went flying into the water...the jetski was like 50 yards from me. my dad has a pic i believe of the aftermath me swimmin back to the jetski lol. now my back (which is bad to begin with) is killinggg me lol

the question... was it worth it?

YEAAAAAA!!!!!!!! :rockon:

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