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Hey Mikey, He likes it!



So all along Adam has been making us big rugged men use this sissy pink detail spray. Yes it works great and makes our vehicles look awesome.


Well, I have finally used the Waterless Car Wash on my truck. The blue color is much more manly and less apt to get you some funny looks while using it. The smell has driven me to go to Red Lobster for coconut shrimp, and the results are simply amazing.


Now I know that the DS is for shine, and the WCW is for dust removal. But I don't think I will be using the DS very much anymore. The WCW leaves the truck feeling like I just put a fresh layer of Buttery Wax on it, and it "feels" as if the paint is much more protected than with the DS which seems to be for a temporary shine at a show or something.


Man, I keep smelling my hands... I feel like I just violated my truck in the worst way. I had the towel, and the spray in my hands. Just rubbing it all over, and taking in the sweet aroma of the moment. I am pretty sure that when I was done, my bumper was curved a little more as if the truck was smiling at me.



What a experience! :jester:

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Ty, maybe it's time to stop detailing so much and go out and try to meet a woman... :lol:


But.... uhm....... I might get into trouble. See, if I was to go out it would cost a pretty penny in food & drinks, and that would take away from my AOA... (Adam's Ordering Ability)


I don't think his wife would be too happy with that advice :help::help::help:


She wasn't last time I tried :lolsmack::lolsmack:


There goes Rich, trying to break up another happy home! :lolsmack:


Its not always happy.... Sometimes she gets jealous of the truck rubbin's :help::help:

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