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Wandering in from hot, dusty, dry Arizona


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I've seen quite a few positive "shout outs" for Adam's products here and on other forums so I figured to give them a try.


The challenge: How do you keep a 2007 (with less than 700 miles) Z06's flawless "complexion" looking that way with having to travel a dusty dirt road to my home. I want to drive it, not maintain a garage queen like the former owner.


Add to that the blistering, sucessive days of 100+ degree temperatures and EXTREMELY hard water, I would think that using top shelf car care products would be key to preserving this chariot.


I will lean heavily on the "experienced hands" :bow: for guidance as time goes on.







Oh yes, but it's a DRY:explode: heat..lol.

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What color is it?


My choice would be taking a blower and blowing off as much dust as possible before using the waterless wash followed by a light misting of DS.


#2 suggestion and a much more expensive one is:






I know I will NEVER own a home on or near a dirt/gravel road.


It'd drive me crazy.


Good luck and lets see some pics of the "garage queen"



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