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Candlewood Valley Corvette Show 2009

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Pics from yesterday's show are below. Candlewood is definitely my favorite show of the season. Their club makes the day very enjoyable, unlike some other shows we've gone to (*cough* Rhode Island)


Adam's was being represented there by the CT dealer and my dad's friend Tony. A lot of knowledge was passed on to browsers-become-buyers :2thumbs:


and FINALLY the C6's were the MINORITY of the show and were stuffed in the back










This torch red 96 next to me had some nasty holograms on the hood that he said wouldn't come off. I grabbed some SHR from Tony (Adam's CT dealer)'s setup and did 1 pass by hand with about 8-10 onlookers and it made a considerable difference. He ended up buying the bottle. All that happened too fast for me to remember to grab my camera though :(
































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Thanks everybody :cheers: we had a great time.


As far as I know Tony has only 2 or 3 cans of In&Out left and he's actively seeking the closest replacement possible. He does on the other hand have a massive amount of the original super-plush MF towels (blue with black satin border) which he, I, and many others still prefer. If you want some, he's the one to call, $13 each or 3 for $30.


After I finished cleaning and the judges came by, I went over to help him sell some stuff. He used his suburban, which hasn't been detailed in a looong time, as a guinea pig for demoing mainly the VRT on the tires and black plastic. VRT sold the most when I was there, as people were amazed that it turned everything so dark by stayed dry


I think the club was looking into getting their members hooked on Adam's, a few of them were over talking to us early in the morning about ordering a bunch of product :2thumbs:

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Congrats on the 1st place trophy, Gerry.


Candlewood Valley is part of my old stomping ground.


I was just back in CT for barely a day on the backside of the fall colors (much better than what we get out in CO). I flew out to drive my mom down to her winter place in NC. As I was driving through, I noticed a lot of changes - been quite a while since I've been back there, but the CT hills are still pretty.


Hope to bring the family back for a lengthy visit next summer - been trying for the last few years, but it hasn't panned out.

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