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Colorado Is Beautiful


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My cousin and his kids took a trip to Colorado to go Elk Hunting and he sent me some pics so I thought I'd share.


I have never been to Colorado but it sure does look like somewhere I'd like to go. I love seeing beautiful natural scenes that are not Man Made.










Here is the beast. I didn't realize that this animal was so big!!





Now I feel like I need a vacation. :lolsmack:

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Sometimes they draw and quarter the elk so it can be carried out. No kidding. I don't think it's as big as it appears in the picture...a wide angle lens with the elk close to the camera and a deep depth of field (small aperture) can make it look bigger than it really is. With that said, they are still very large animals and can weigh upwards to 600-700 lbs.

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We love Colorado too! Moved here nearly 2 1/2 years ago, and haven't looked back. Great mountain biking, skiing, and best of all, the weather is fantastic. More sunny days than San Diego!


Here are some recent Colorado images, most are at our house, and the the hiking shot is of Mt. Sanitas, the trail head about 800 yards from home. The GT photo is a friend, Mike, who took this photo the day after we detailed the car in our garage::thumbsup:

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We loved Colorado. We were stationed there for 2 years. Well I should say that my family was there for 2 years. I split my time between there and Iraq. When I came back from Iraq we took a trip to Buena Vista Colorado for a week and we had a blast. Here are some pictures:


My wife and I on the deck of out cabin:



Us outside of St. Elmo's ghost town:



Continental Divide:



Rafting on the Arkansas River (my 2 boys are next to me and my wife is behind me with the bright orange vest):




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I think what's missing are the corn fields :lolsmack:


We tried to keep count of how many we passed between Carlisle and the hotel, but it was just too overwhelming :jester:


Eastern Pa is totally different in landscape than western Pa. This side has mountains and state parks, rapids, and fall leaves that look like a watercolor painting. It really is a beautiful state. A lot like Colorado. I just live in a part that has incredibly crappy weather. But from the looks of the pictures of Colorado, I wouldn't think it would be bad to live there either. Beautiful country.:thumbsup:

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