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TIP: More useful life out of your MF applicators

Team Adam's


If you've been using Adams for any amount of time you've got a nice collection of the blue microfiber applicators lying around, but what do you do with them once they're all worn out? DON'T THROW THEM AWAY!! I have a handy little tip that I think you'll get some more mileage out of them


We've all got some that look like this:

You've washed them and they don't come clean, the foam inside has started to deform slightly...





Take a razor and carefully cut the seam on one side... cut ON the seam. You want to split the applicator open without fraying or at least reduce it as much as possible:



Pull the foam out and discard:



Now turn the microfiber "skin" inside out and you have yourself a handy little MF pouch with fresh unmolested fibers ready to be slipped over your fingers for cleaning in tight spaces, applying wax in hard to reach areas, or scrubbing in areas your other stuff won't reach. The inside of these is rarely as dirty as the outside and the fibers are usually fresh/like new.


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While I see what you guys are saying I don't condone this as a replacement for regular applicators. You need that foam cushion for applying to the paint and keeping the applicator manageable. This is just a way to use those dead applicators for a new purpose when you buy some new ones!!


Good cover up :)

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