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A Snack Worthy of the Junkman


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Nice find, but if you really want a heart attack on a plate?


5 words Double Bacon Hamburger Fatty Melt




and the only thing that would make that better is if you put some Baconnaise on it and deep-fried it.



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OMG! That has to be 4000 calories PER slice! AT LEAST!


Anyone here watch Man Vs. Food on the Travel Channel?


Awesome show! If you like food...




I have seen that. But my favorite show is "The Best Thing I Ever Ate" it is on the Food Network.


The dedicate an episode to the top 10 Blank some of these people ever had. I have seen the Bacon, pizza, and fries episodes. Somewhere in CA they actually have a bacon cheeseburger...... I don't mean the kind with a hamburger, I mean bacon between bread. The guy chops up bacon and then cooks it like shredded potatos to make hash brown's, but this guy uses shredded bacon to makea bacon patty burger.


Also a restaraunt in NY that deep fries bacon.


That is greatest show ever.

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strangley enough i have this salivating feeling and i want to try all of the above help me please aaaahhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hey Dan throw in a slice of that cake from the place we ate and and A.J. would be in heaven LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Man Mr Dr would kill me for eating something like that . On top how it would keep me up all nite posing in the thrown room .

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