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post pics of your mancave (or femalecave)


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since in my other thread with the tv asked about where the rest of the basement was...like what we sit on? i figured i would start this thread? post up pics of your mancave.. could be a finished basement, library, den, etc; post pics of your garage if thats where you chill... hope it works out to be fun !!

heres mine..









in pic #1 that is VINNIE the POOH, Winnie the poohs cousin from brooklyn.

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Tom, that setup is...AWESOME. I would love to have access to something like that. I've fallen out with woodworking and need to pick it back up. A couple of summers ago, I hand built 3 solidbody electric guitars and some furniture pieces. I see you probably do more furniture; great shop.

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Thanks, those pictures aren't very good...the shop was a mess. But I guess it shows that I actually use it. Yes, I'm more into cabinets and furniture. I am actually a high school woodworking and drafting instructor, getting ready to retire (from teaching) and I plan to do cabinets and custom furniture to supplement the retirement pension.

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