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Product use per car



I would like to know how long a 16 ounce bottle of SHR (swirl and haze remover) will last? I understand that it will depend on the condition of the paint. Trying to get a general idea of product use. How about things like buffing pad life?


Looking at AJ's "Junkmans" videos look's like one will also use a fair amount of DS (detailer spray). Is there anything else that will be consumed a lot in paint correction?

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Some advice from a NOOB :) I had all these same questions.


I only did one car but used very little SHR, my bottle looks to be at lest 80% full, if not more in comparison to where it started. As Junkman says, 3 pea sized drops go a long way.


Dylan told me this on anther forum:


"To polish one panel (ie - a door, a fender, or half the hood) you will use approximately 3 pea sized drops of product, it takes VERY little product to do an entire car... literally I'd estimate you'd get 30-50 full car applications out of a single bottle of product. The pads just depend on how much you use them, how well you take care of them, and the condition of the paint you use them on. On average I get about 15+ uses out of my white pads, and a maybe 8-10 uses out of my orange pads. You simply spray the pad down with APC and rinse with water after each use, air dry and store in a dust free area."


You use DS for so many things I would buy a gallon, which is what I did.


Dylan told me this about DS on another forum:


"Use it when drying to prevent water spots, limit swirls

Use it for lubrication while claybaring

Use it as a pad primer for your MF applicator pads

Use it as a pad primer for your foam DA pads

Use it to help remove polish & wax after application

Use it to bump up the shine between washes/waxes

Use it to dust the car if its been sitting in the garage unused for awhile

Use it to clean touch screens, or other delicate interior parts"


I would recommend buying 4-8 MF towels. I bought only 2 my first purchase and got tired of cleaning them so often. You really need to keep them super clean and it is nice to have extra clean on hand. VERY important you buy the Adams towels. I had some Walmart ones and they suck...trust me on this, the Adams towels are like magic in comparison.


Pads last a long time, but I would recommend having 1 extra of the orange. If it gets dirty you have clean it and wait for it to dry.


More from Dylan on another forum:


"You can never have too much microfiber IMO. You'll use it for polish/wax removal, dusting, detail spraying, etc. Having a few extra at the ready is always nice b/c you don't want to constantly have to wash them. I always like to have at least 2 drying towels to do a full car.... typically it only takes one to completely dry a medium sized car, but having a backup just in case is nice.


Sidenote: For MF care, simply wash on a warm (not hot) cycle in your washing machine with LIQUID detergent (no granulated) Dry them in the dryer on low heat with NO FABRIC SOFTNER. They'll last you a very long time.


It wouldn't hurt to have an extra orange pad and white pad at the ready. At least then when they do get worn, you can simply toss them out, start using the backup and place an order for replacements at that time. Nothing worse than getting into a detail and realizing your pad is dead... once the orange pad starts to go it won't have the same 'cut' and will be less effective."


I really like the APC, so I would recommend a gallon of that too.

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Hard to nail down an exact number of uses out of one 16oz bottle but look at it this way...


Each panel is going to take between 2-4 pea sized drops of polish to complete 1 full pass. So on the average 4 door sedan you'd need maybe a total of 20 'drops' of polish. Since drops aren't an average form of measurement its hard to determine how many are in one 16oz bottle, but rest assured you will get A LOT of uses from one bottle.

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I have found that it is only "expensive" because I have bought pretty much everything they sell. I started out buying bottles of things and have since moved up to gallons on the things I use the most such as Detail Spray, All Purpose Cleaner, Green Wheel Cleaner, Car Wash, and Waterless Wash. I usually only polish my 2 cars twice a year but I wash them all the time. I have had bottles of the SHR and FMP polish for about 18 months now and they are just getting to the point where I'll need replacements in the spring.


Some of the products you will certainly use very little of. Take the Machine Superwax (which I love) for example...a little of that stuff goes a long way. I suspect a single bottle of that will last me years. The other thing to consider is that while some things may seem expensive, such as the Americana Paste Wax, but when you look at how many applications of that you will get the cost per use is actually very inexpensive.


Welcome to the forum and good luck with your new stuff.

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Don't forget. Every product that Adam's sells comes with a 110% guarantee! And that guarantee is guaranteed! What other company does that? :2thumbs:[/quote


I found out 1st hand what Adam mean't when he said that his product is guaranteed


I'm sure that some people will try and take avantage of his generous backing, however, No one can honestly deny...His product is not what he advertises.


I feel that Adam's premium car care product(s) are the best:2thumbs:

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