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Finally did the Ranger



Spent all of Friday with the Ranger by hand. A few things I learned:

1)Adam's product showed me more faults in my paint than the three step Meguires product I used before.

2) Adam's products are very easy to use

3) Everyone here is/has been a great help

4) DON'T use VTR on vinyl/rubber floors -- makes them slippery (see interior)

5) For doing it by hand, I'm very pleased with the way it came out.

6) VTR last a lot longer than Back to Black. I'm sure everyone knows how

Fords black handles fade to gray after a while. I used BTB on the door

handles a while back. It seemed to "go away" after 2 or 3 weeks. I put the

VTR on about a month age with no signs of it fading away!!


Here are the pics. What do you think? My camera doesn't have a macro setting that I can see.



















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Oohhh shiny! Nice job Mike, especially by hand.


I also have black plastic door handles on my Frontier. I was using VRT on them, but since it is water-based and I park outside, the dew would make the VRT run the first few mornings after is was applied. After some reading here on the forum I cleaned them with GWC to get some wax residue off, and was pleased with the way they looked without any dressing. I have not put VRT on them for several weeks and they still look satiny black, but I still have lots of black trim that does need dressing.

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Thanks for the comments. In a couple weeks I'm going to be doing my wifes car, then our Sable. The Thunderbird is going to have to wait until spring. Of course, if I did that now it would look great sitting in the garage all winter. Only a couple months left until it goes to bed.


Nice work - it's VRT btw haha


Sorry, I still get confused with all the abbreviations!!


Nice! :thumbsup: Now get some UCS to finish off under fenders!:D


I plan on it with my next order. My last order the BSG won out over the UCS.

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