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First detail



first i have a lot of pictures but this site will not load my format so my son will assist me later.


instead of starting with my Saab which wasn't too bad i used my sons 2003 blue Honda. who ever had it before him must have always used a bath towel to dry as the amount of scratches/swirls/webs were unbelievable. the paint really was a mess. i have things going against me on this first detail


i do not have a garage and after 10am i have to deal with the sun

the condition of the car

my first time


i started at 6:30 this morning washed and clayed

shr and orange pad even after MULTIPLE passes there are still scratches although a lot less i had to stop at some point as i do not want to hurt the clear coat but i guess i was expecting to get rid of the scratches completely. the orange pad after a while kept coming off the backing plate

i think this is because when one works on sides and angles the pressure on the pad changes which throws the pad off. it would be nice to see a video of someone doing the side or angles of a car not just flat on the hood. so after i shr the entire car i went to fmp and because the sun was up and i was getting tired i put a coat of butter on instead of sw.


so i guess no ones first time is perfect:) i was hoping for more swirl removal but the car really was bad and i did eliminate a lot and the paint itself looks terrific sorry to ramble but i am decompressing from the last7.5 hours


will load the pictures as soon as possible ken

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dopnt woor about hurting the clear with the orange pad and shr it does little compare to what other products do. Adams would not sell anything that would burn your paint. With the uploadin of pics try and set up a photobucket acoount.


HUH?? :lolsmack::lolsmack:

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You know its like everything else, at first you want it perfect, immediately, just like the videos and you get unhappy if it isn't perfect the first time,so whose first time was perfect;) So, you write a whole bunch of posts why didn't this or that work whose fault, its the American immediate gratification law. This isn't to say that we don't have legitimate questions as we learn. But then you take another look at the car and the improvement and the how and why it can be better and relax and actually enjoy the process and be proud of the new skill one has learned and how it will only get better. I think the key to life is: less product, less speed, and less pressure. (I think I see a T- shirt here)

oh a lot of coffee! it was a trip to start when there was still a full moon.

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