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Pre-Photoshoot Detail - Thanks Dylan!!


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So after a couple of years I finally linked up with dylan to detail my truck for a photoshoot Tuesday... I was fortunate enough to be asked by Truckin' magazine to grace the COVER of their upcoming HP issue. Ive spent two years building this truck and we are finally just about finished, other than a few odds and ends she is done - after the photoshoot the truck is planned to goto SEMA with Wilwood Brakes, it will be a feature vehicle. Anyways... here is the write up I posted on performancetrucks.net, so some of the info might be redundant lol.



--------------------begin post-------------------


So saturday Dylan from adams polishes came up to detail my truck with his buddy anthony...

We started at 9am sat morning and went until dark...

here is the truck before we started...


First step - clean the wheels


Next they have a *****en soap/foam machine that they cover the entire truck in soap/foam...


Before they touch the paint, the wash off all of the soap, then reapply another application of soap/foam and then proceed to washing the truck with adams wash pads


Then they rinse it off, the dry it with adams drying cloths, after which the blow it dry with a leaf blower (my wet/dry vac from sears doubles as a leaf blower - highly recommended!)


The detail products!



Inspecting the NEW paint and all of the swirls - :mad:


Orange pad with achine polish... hard at work dylan!:pc:






Time for the fine polishing... white pad with a SMALL amount of product! I learned that a LITTLE product goes a long way.


Inspecting the results - this is BEFORE any wax!! No more swirls, yaaaaa


time for some VRT in the engine bay


two coats of Americana wax - this stuff is insane!



the powerplant - forged 427 LSX with a TVS 2300 SC.



I could not get final pics because it was already dark out, and today there were several CLOSE fires in the area so I left her inside - I will get some final pics on tuesday.

Big thanks to Dylan and Anthony, two very good guys who worked their asses off. I highly recommend them - IF you can get an appointment!!


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I can vouch for the level of quality that went into the truck... Dave has done this the right way at every turn and has an amazing truck to show for it. Impeccable attention to even the most minor detail just all around a truck that makes you notice something new everytime you look at it.

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here is a sneak peak at the photoshoot yesterday! Thank you Adams Polishes, Dylan and Anthony... a big thanks to the man Adam, and Joe Everet too!




Wow! Thanks David, and thank you Dylan!


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