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MarylandVette Garage Upgrade


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I finally got up the energy to scrub the living crap out of my 40 year old garage floor and apply a epoxy finish. Looking back now on the before and afters I'm just blown away by the difference.


Being anal and paranoid about the epoxy peeling up, I went to town with the prep. First I power washed it, then I scrubbed it with a stiff brush and Adams APC and then again with Simple Green. After THAT I hit every stained bit with a wire brush attachment on a power drill. (that nearly killed my knees, btw). And after all that I did the concrete etching process twice.


Before. Note poor vette kicked to the curb, where he stayed for about 2 weeks.









The DD likes it!


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Looks great Rich !!!!!


I used the Rustoleum the last time I did mine. It did good but I might try that brand next time :2thumbs:


So far so good. It's actually been on there about a month; I jsut recently got around to putting up the pics. So far no signs at all of any peeling or problems.


Thanks to all for all the compliments. :cheers:

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