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TrUcKeR here, checking in.


Learned of Adam's through the G8 forums. Subsequently ended up buying the P/C Machine Polishing kit, the Complete wash kit with foam gun, and a bunch of other stuff.


Love me some Adam's.


I have an 09 G8 GT, and an 07 Hayabusa. I own http://www.fourdoormafia.com, and am part of Ground Zero 605, a friend/car club in South Dakota. We have our own amateur MMA fight team, and a bunch of nice cars that we actually race (legally) with.


As you can tell by my name, I am a trucker driver. 48-state glass haul, although not much glass is being hauled now due to the lack of building going on.


Anyways, on with the pics.




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Beautiful pic!! If you would have had some Adam's products in that pic, we wouldn't even have to have a photo contest this month! Great looking G8 and bike!




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Welcome to the Forum! You don't meet too many truck drivers that have Hayabusa's!


Great looking G8 btw!


Haha, that's because there's not many of us that are young and single. ;)


Here's a few more pictars:






This was after a fresh wipe-down with Adam's Super Plush and Detail Spray.


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Thanks for all the kind words, guys. I build my stuff to my liking, never putting any consideration into what others might think, but it's really cool when people compliment you on what you've done.


As for the black wheels, it was a tough call to make. I was hoping that they would remove any immediate focus from the stock wheels, as they really stand out against this blue, and instead, shift the focus to the color of the car. I am pretty certain I accomplished my goal, as most people see the color first, then the wheels. And I think the black flows well with the dark tint.

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