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Two Days of Polishing


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Well a new member want to get the Adams experience with some products. I had the perfect oportunity for him. So myself and Pmconners who just joined the Adams community spent 2 days cleaning cars. I had a customer who wanted his Lexus ISF and his Dodge Ram looking new again. This was the perfect cars to show (pat) pmconners how to use some of the Adams products, we removed some light swirls, cleaned interiors and engine bays.

Here was our results:



The easiest engine bay to clean and VRT






A little VRT and IUS just before a light wipe down make the weel well look brand new:



..and since I had the room, a little IUS on the rear also makes it look new:







Thanks to pmconners for all his hard work the Ram was a long day, but with the ride height makes for a lot of areas to clean. I think he will be investing alot in Adams soon!

P.S. I didn't know where to post this since it was a car and a truck.

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Rich, thanks............I dont know how people own black vehicles. I feel like all the cars people want cleaned are black, because they dont feel like dealing with them. The do look kick a$$ when their clean though. Thanks guys. Hopefully Pat will chime in.

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man I love that ISF... wouldn't mind having one of those in the garage.

I will let you know when his wife gets tired of it. She didnt like the black Corvette they traded for it. I think he keeps cars for a couple of years and then they are gone.

By the way the wheels are horrible to keep clean due to the high performance TRD brakes. The dust has already eaten through the finish!

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Big thanks goes out to Jeff for letting me help him on those two vehicles and to show me how things are done.:2thumbs: That ISF is a sweeeeet ride loved that car :drool: The new Ram is a nice ride also, but man that truck looked much better than what the dealership puts out when it's sold.:pc:

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Those new Rams are the cats pajamas! I can appreciate the Lexus, but the Ram stands out to me. Great job fellas, the long day was time well spent especially since there was 2 of you - must've been a site to see for all who passed by.

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