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Is there a way to save items in your shopping cart for a couple days. For instance I put 4 items there last night, but wasn't done shopping before work. This morning my cart was empty. It would be nice to be able to save the cart until the order is placed. Unless that would mess up the daily specials.

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Are you logged in with your account name when you're putting stuff in the cart? I *think" that when I do that things will stay in the cart from one visit to the next.


You may also need to have cookies enabled in your web browser -- I'm not 100% sure, though, so hopefully someone more savvy will chime in. :cheers:

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I thought I was signed in just for the fact I went shopping after signing into the forums. I realized I wasn't signed into the store. I signed into the store today and filled my cart. We'll wait to see if it's full come payday.


You're correct -- A forum account is not the same as your adamspolishes.com account. :2thumbs:

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