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Adam's Winter Prep/Detailing Tips



Winter Car Care: What Adam Does.


What is the best way to prepare your vehicle for winter?*Why bother? Because driving your vehicle in the rain, snow, and mud certainly takes its toll on your finish... less washing, more dirt, salted roads, etc.*


Here is what I do to prepare our vehicles for winter:


• Wash and Clay the vehicle, especially the glass.


• Apply a heavy coat of our Invisible Undercarriage Spray to the wheel wells.*(This helps prevent corrosion from the wet weather and salted roads.*Also, it keeps your wheel wells easy to clean.)

• Apply an extra thick coat of VRT to your plastic and rubber, especially in the door jambs.*This keeps them from freezing shut.


• Machine apply a coat of our polymer sealant, the Machine SuperWax, or, 2 coats of our Americana Premium Paste Wax.*(Important to keep a sealant or wax on vehicles that experiences winter driving, as it makes them easier to clean.*Also, a slick, protected finish will minimize scratching when the inevitable touch happens, when the vehicle is super dirty.)


• Apply Brilliant Spray Glaze to the windows, inside and out.*Let haze for 30 minutes, then remove. (Keeps the glass from fogging, and keeps the glass sealed, so water beads, and runs off the windscreen.)


• Thoroughly clean the interior, and apply a heavy coat of Leather & Interior Dressing to the door panels, dash, and any leather upholstery. (Muddy, dirty winters take a toll on the interior, and dressing before it gets nasty makes it easy to clean later!)



Plus, few other safety and appearance suggestions:


• Install the weather proof mats.*I have the ones from http://www.WeatherTech.com in my truck, and my wife has the ones form the dealer.*If you have carpet mats, they will get soaked with mud and/or snow, and that makes your car STINK! I rinse off my rubber mats after every major snow, so I don’t have to live in a mud pit!


• Replace the wiper blades. I enjoy winter driving, and spend the $40 to get the best wipers on the market. I use the new Bosch Icons -- they are GREAT!


• Drain, and replace the wiper fluid.*The alcohol (ingredient that keeps the stuff from freezing) evaporates over the summer.*Keeping fresh wiper juice in the reservoir is how I keep our washer fluid from freezing.*(I hate driving on wet roads behind trucks with a frozen, or empty washer fluid!)


• Keep a nice snow brush/scraper in the vehicle.*It is important to always be gentle when removing snow from painted body panels; never use the scraper.*I use this one, made by OXO.*


•*Finally, I always give my winter driver another Clay and Sealant/Wax shortly after the New Year.*My 2003 SUV, which has lived outdoors since day one, looking fantastic for 135K miles! *


–– Adam

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If I already have a coat of MSW and 2 coats of Americana, the last coat applied about 2 months ago, would I be ok to just add another coat of Americana? Or should I start over with the MSW?


What are some conditions that the car lives in? Garaged? Daily driven? If its garage kept and not driven in the rain or weather very much I would say you're good for another two years :jester:

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I'm hoping to do this this weekend... I have THREE vehicles though so good luck to me! This cold weather just came on instantly. It was in the 70s and 80s and then BAM! 30s, 40, and 50s... Supposed to be 65 on Sunday... We'll see...



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The only town I knew of the name of Lockport was in NY, sorry about the Westerner mistake :hi:


I would still apply some MSW to the yeeep. I've found it look great on silver, have you found the same thing?


No problem, its not the first time its happened.


Ha, more like the heap if you get what I'm saying.;) MSW does look good on it, but still doesn't compare with the BSG.

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For those of you so lucky to live in the warm, sunny, ice and snow free states...please disregard and go about your regular daily routine. I am jealous. :willy::willy:


Hey you talk'n to me? ;)


Our low today (77) is going to be our high on Saturday - hooray! Just in time to check out the car show/cruise in Winter Garden that Cyclone went to last month. :banana:

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