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Pumpkin Kids


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Planted a garden, but the weather didn't work with too well, but I did manage to get some pumpkins, and today I took them to town to give to the Grandkids, these are the pumpkins and recipients:D


All set,



The first drop,





and Drop #two,





Shine On


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Are the kids going to carve them? <!-- / message --><!-- sig -->


Prolly not, they are a little young to be trusted with anything sharp. And they did bring on the smiles! :D


I need to take my kid to get a pumpkin this weekend.

Yeah kids need a pumpkin;)


Thanks Teresea, me too, like like seeing the little sh...s I mean kids smile too:lol:


Nice looking kids!:)

Thaks Chris, I think so too! :cool:


Great look'n grand kids....:D


Thanks Jim!


They range from almost 6, about 2 1/2, and Mr. Onery, is like 14 months, and full OF IT!!


And Patrick, drop #2, just had a baby sister this morning, Molly Ann, weighing in at 8lbs11ozs and 19"s long. :rockon::rockon:




Shine on


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Pumpkins for the pumpkins! Aren't grandkids great? I don't think we've carved a pumpkin for a long time, but with Alli being 2 this year, we got a 50 lb one and a small one. Grandkids put the fun into being older.

Great looking grandkids. Thanks for the pics!:hi:

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Big pumpkins are awesome!


This is our 106 pounder from last year.


That's quite the jack-o-lantern:bow:


This is the first time that I've grown big pumpkins, I'm going to do some things different next to try and get some bigger one, and hope for a little warmer summer:help: did I just say that:willy:



Bluezey :pc:

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