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Adam here is the dusting we talked about

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Hey Adam here are the pics I am also including a pic of the pad it cleaned up good it looks fine so i think it may have been just the amount of product on the pad but I kept spraying it with detail spray and it only really got the bad dusting on the tonnou cover.






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Thats not too bad actually... thats pretty typical for polishing dust, especially on a horizontal surface and if you lift an edge of the pad.


I cannot stress enough people - if you are using the side mounted handle with your PC pay very close attention to your pad and how its contacting the surface. Because the torsional force of you applying pressure will be off center the natural tendency is for the opposite edge of the pad to lift as you move the pad, thus throwing slightly more dust out as you work.


Personally I throw that handle in the trash and hold the PC by the head, placing my palm firmly in the center, this makes sure the pressure you apply is directly over the top of the pad meaning its much less likely to lift an edge while moving, subsequently cutting down on dust.


Of course this is my personal method, do whatevers comfortable to you, but I'd be willing to bet a portion of the dusting above is the result of you lifting and edge at one point or another during the process.

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Actually i try to keep it as flat as possible usually after a few dobs of shr i would hit the pad with some detail spray and do the next section. And this was the first time i used my maching I have the UDM with the gen 2 pads and it vibrated like crazy. I tried to use the handle and had it at like 55oo rpm and i couldnt hang on to the machine i almost dropped it so took the handle back off. i origianally didnt use the handle then tried the handle and then chucked the handle lol

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That looks about the same amount of dust I get as well. Typically when it starts throwing dust steadily I just clean the pad, spin dry it then keep on going.


No handle for me either, but because I don't want it banging into my paint. I never even thought about the uneven pressure side of it, another good reason to not use it.

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