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Hardwired my V1 Valentine


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So in order to distract me from the new dent in my car, I decided to install my BlendMount V1 Valentine Radar Detector Mount along with Invisicord Hardwire Kit.


For anyone who doesn't know what I'm talking about, this is it:




I finally got tired of the coiled wire hanging down my dash and the suction cups on my window. Let me say that this mount is a royal pain in the rump to attach to the rear-view mirror stem. I didn't have any clearance to tighten the screws. I had to remove the rear-view mirror from the windshield to attach the mount. After I secured the radar detector mount to the mirror stem, I wired the Invisicord to the power in the back of the rear view mirror. Trying to slip the pins in the proper ports is impossible to do with your fingers. If you do this, do yourself a favor and use needlenose pliers. Install took about a half hour, but I'm happy with the result. Now its nice and clean - no wires.


Installed pics:







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That looks like a real cool mount. I was impressed with the suction cup mounting deal that came with the V1...nice and secure. I wasn't so impressed with the V1 itself as it just kept going off constantly on my commute...so I returned it.


I run mine on Advanced Logic. Cuts out a majority of the "garbage" while around town - then again my radar is rarely on around town because NYPD doesn't have radar in their regular cars. Only have to worry about HWY Patrol over here.

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I might have to do this for my Escort (the one pictured on the left side) That looks really slick. The only problem is that i move my detector around car to car.


Not a problem, the detector comes out've the mount just as easily as it did originally.

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