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Got my car back from the body shop on Friday (from the spoiler incident) Also, got my Adam's order on Friday. So I went to work today. Used Americana for the first time today. I absolutely loved it. Went on smooth, came off smooth. And left an unparalelled shine!:drool:


Couldn't wax the newly painted panels and spoiler, but everything else got two coats of APW and a coat of BSG.














Thanks for looking!:D

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The HSV spoiler, but it's pretty aggressive. I like the SV-6 (VE), but it's still a tad too big.


Yeah. A little too...something. I just havent seen any I liked. I did however make the GXP rear diffuser switch. I didnt like the honeycomb. The less honeycomb to clean on this car the better.

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Put two more coats of APW on today. I had to tell myself that anymore than that would be inconsequential. I just love using it! Its awesome!:drool:


Here's a couple more pics. I cant stop looking at her!:drool::drool:










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60 days. Its like a prison sentence. :)


Good to know, I probably have the same wait time for the front quarter panel that is going to be painted. Should have her back tomorrow atleast. :banana:


How did the job come out, can you tell the difference?

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Not really. Up super close in direct sun, it is slightly lighter and the reflection might be less crisp than the surrounding panels. And there is one little dimple that wasn't there before. Overall I am really pleased with the job they did matching and painting the bumper and spoiler. I think these are only noticable to me, as I spend an inordinate amount of time with my face jammed up to the paint.:pc:

Good to hear you're getting your's back.

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I was going to ask because in your first pic you can tell that the bumper is a little lighter where the sun hits it directly. Still looks good though. Black is a hard color to match especially if there is any flake in it.

Yeah. However, the picture seems to be worse than than it is in person. It is not that easily distinguishable when looking at it.

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