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Show winner Thanks to Adams


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Yesterday I was at a Corvette Show in Clearwater Florida. I detailed the car last Thursday and used the Americana wax for the first time. Also another first was I entered the show in the custom division. Although I could have been in the C5 stock, I went custom, which meant I was up against all generation. Well to my surprise I took a third place award. The last two years at this same show in the stock division I took first in the C5 group. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p>

The reason I went custom, is in my opinion, I feel funny competing in stock, because I have changed to a set of C6 Z06 wheels, Aftermarket exhaust, and the engine is dressed with chrome and painted items. <o:p></o:p>

Here are a few pictures.<o:p></o:p>

Again it all comes down to Adams Products.<o:p></o:p>











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Jack your car looks Great!!:cheers:


But don't you get like five mods before you have to move up to the custom class?


Again, Congratulations!!:2thumbs:


Gotta luv the Adams Shine!!!!!!:glasses:



Shine On


Actually, the club that put this show on does not have a points system. They go by what you put on your registration form. They do go around and look the cars over to make sure they are in the proper class. When I submitted my registration I had planned to add custom made GS fender stripes and the hood and deck stripe kit to match, but changed my mind. I checked off C5 Stock & Custom with a question mark. When I checked in I saw I was in custom and said to myself it was not important, because I really go to the shows to have fun and see what other cars are there. Don't get me wrong, have putting all the time to get the car show ready, it is always nice to see that the judges liked the work.

This is their annual big show and this is my third time attending. I took first place the last two years and also yhey have had two of their other shows this year for charity and I also took first place at both of those in the stock class.

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Congratulations on the win! Those rims look so much better on a C5! Car shows are subjective when it comes to class. I was put in a modified class at a car show last year. When I asked the judge why, he said it was because I had a trunk and Corvettes don't have trunks. :lol:

I have a C5 like yours.

Beautiful looking Vette........especially the engine bay. :2thumbs:

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