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Detailed the Sable...


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First time in three years


Engine before:



Engine after:



Front wheel well:



Rear wheel well:



Rear before:



Rear after:



Hood before:



Hood after:



Hood reflections:



Windshield trim before:



Windshield trim treated with VRT:



When I clayed the hood, it was so rough it felt like sandpaper. I used almost a whole bottle of detail spray when I did it.

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Wow, looks great. I'd hate to have to change the rear 3 spark plugs on that thing, though! :willy:


Yea, I think those three are a royal pain in the *** to change. Can't see them and barely can feel them. The bad thing is it's about time to do it:(. Just not looking forward to that job.

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Thanks all for the compliments:thumbsup:


I'll say a couple things I learned when doing this car.

1) NEVER let a car go three years without claying/waxing.

2) Adams Leather Cleaner and Conditioner performed way better than the other

product I used when I did the Ranger and Charger. The seats in the Sable

feel way softer and smoother:thumbsup::thumbsup:

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