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Eastern Sportsman and Outdoor Show


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What is like hunting & gun show? :)



Yeah plus there is anything for the Outdoor person. Fishing hiking you name it they got it.

Alot of big names in the hunting industry like


Matt Morett

Tiffianty and lee lakoski

larry weisier

Mike waldell


Were there last year dont know who is coming this year

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I personally know Rex Johnsonbaugh.......Bass Master. :D


Aside from him, I don't know anybody.



I dont know but my dad knows


Rob Keck former Nation Wild Turkey Federation Ceo

Matt Morrett Hunter Specialities(Talk to him a few times)

Terry Rohm Tinks

Dale rohm Rohmn turkey calls



Lot of People from Pa are in the indusrty

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A few years ago I would love to go to a show like that, but the older I get I am loosing interest in hunting all together & shooting sports. I use to skeet shoot, Indoor bullseye, silhouette shoot, reload ect.

09 I didn't even Buck hunt first year in years that I didn't go.

I would rather mess around in the garage detailing.:D

Have a good time Jesse.:2thumbs:

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I like them, i just bought a spartan semi that remington imports from russia it good enough to get the job done for now. i still want to get a vinci


I have heard some very good things about the Vinci. They are pretty sweet. I just have an 870 now. I want to upgrade at some point but I love the 870's reliability.

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