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Hey everybody, I'm here!


Two months ago, I got a new (to me) 2008 Dodge Charger R/T in metallic steel blue. It's my new sweetheart. For the last ten years I've owned SUVs, so there were plenty of places I couldn't reach. At least on Baby I can reach most spots.


I put 6000K HIDs on and a Pioneer NAV unit. On the way are an AFE CAI and a cabin filter kit. After that, a factory remote start and a new cat back exhaust should do the trick.


Baby's under 6 inches of snow today, but come this spring she's gonna get a cleaning. I'm getting ready to place some orders over the next six weeks so that I'll have everything I need in time.


Looking forward to meeting folks at the Carlisle events over the summer.



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:welcome: Bernie

I would say u are near by, but Annapolis is a big area. Ur going to love Adams Polishes excellent stuff and excellent people here on this forum. Some friends and i will be at some of those shows as well. :cheers:


I'm just over the RT50 bridge from Annapolis proper. More like Arnold.

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