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BSG & Americana



I've read that BSG goes on after Americana has been on awhile to freshen it up; before it's time for a new coat of Americana. So if you don't need to clay and or polish ; then in fact you're putting Americana over BSG? If you don't need to clay or polish do you strip the existing wax or wax over it? If you put down a coat of Americana - then BSG - will this lessen the life span of Americana and beading?


Other threads say to put a coat of Americana and immediately follow it up with BSG.

What's the correct proceedure?



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I did a quick detail yesterday- it was too freaken cold - I lasted 2 hours before I came inside.I'll take some pictures and post.

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does BSG over Americana lessen or enhance the wax's durability & shine?

I'm old school and I like seeing beads the size of bb's fly off my hood in a rain storm. LOL - I'm easily amused.


Absolutely enhance! I've found it makes your finish shine like glass, especially on darker cars.

I use it after. :thumbsup:

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