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Claybar trick/techniques?



I didn't know if anyone has posted anything like this before. I'm new at detailing, so I thought it might help someone else at a similar experience level.


Last night while clay barring, it was late, and I had just gotten a new piece of clay out, had flattened it out on the glass, and was starting to work on a curvy vertical surface when WHOOPS - there I go, dropping a nice new piece of clay bar on the garage floor. I tried to grab it on the way down, but after one fumble, it hit the concrete. Luckily I had more (always keep a spare claybar!). Obviously I did not want to use that one again.


Disgusted, I realized I was tired, and headed to bed.


This morning when I went out, I was thinking about my bounced clay bar and why it happened. Really, this little flat pancake is kind of hard to hold on to - it is fairly thin and depends on pressure into the finish to hold it up, on top of the lubricated finish. I thought, what it needs is some kind of little tab to hold on to, just enough to keep it from slipping down if my pressure against the finish relaxes.


Below is the result. I folded up a little tab of clay to hold it in place, and put the tab between my fingers.


Didn't drop one today! This may be obvious to the experts, but it helped. Necessity is the mother of invention.







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I've lost my share of clay myself due to the concrete. What I do now is that I lay out an old bed sheet on the ground where I am working. If it falls, it only hits the clean sheet. I pull the sheet along as I move around the car. Funny thing is, I haven't dropped one since using this technique. Does anyone see a problem with it hitting a clean sheet and using it again?

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