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I just did a few lambos recently as well as a couple ferraris, more photos to come.


These cars stay in fairly pristine condition, so major correction is not normally necessary.


Here is the process.


Wash with Adam's Soap (or similar) with Adam's pad or Schmitt

Revive by hand

Buttery or Americana


The red lambo has been done with Revive and Americana.


The blue tacoma is mine, and was washed, clayed, polished with S&HR, MSW, and Americana.


Ignore the product in the pictures, its all I had with me. :)

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mmmm countach... some dude by where Jeff and I live in staten Island has a red countach !


Yeah that's the guy I was talking to at Starbucks. I've never seen the guy again. Interestingly enough he kept asking about my car.

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