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have I got my polish/waxing in the correct order?


After washing/drying etc -


1 - Auto Glym Super Resin Polish+buff

2- Chemical Guys Butter (or Dodo Blue Velvet) Wax+buff

3- Turtle Wax Platinum Extra Gloss+buff


Might want to check on the Turtle Wax forums for the advice you're looking for. If this doesn't relate to Adams real quick it's going to be deleted. :mad:

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Like Rich said, you probably won't get much advice concerning those products since this forum is dedicated to Adam's. With all due respect, you'd be better off checking with a general detailing forum or better yet, product specific forums for the products you're asking about.


I have no experience with the products you listed, but your basic steps should be to clay, polish, wax.


If you're wanting to use a sealant and a carnauba, then you would want to apply the sealant first with the carnauba on top. Trying to apply a sealant on top of a carnauba could cause bonding issues. I'm not sure what that TW is, but it sounds like it's more of a sealant, and the CG has carnauba in it. You'll have to determine what the makeup of the products are and go from there.


Better yet, switch to Adam's products, and you'll find plenty of useful information here to steer you in the right direction.

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Sounds great. :cheers:


You will not be disappointed. It is so much better then anything else I have used. I have yet to find something I like better. I imagine if i found something better I would keep coming back to Adam's though. Not only because of how engaged he is with his company and his customer service, but also because of this great forum that seems to occupy so much of my time.

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Glad to see the switch to Adam's products! There's no way possible, that you'll be disappointed!! All their bases are covered… great products, great customer service, and great support (from the company & this forum)!!!

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