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Anyone try this on glass.



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I use my waterless wash towels with my glass cleaner and they come out streakfree.

Last weekend all my glass M/F towels were dirty so I used the WCW waffle weave and was very happy. I kept meaning to ask here if anyone else had done that yet, guess you beat me to it.


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Waffle weave generally does a great job on glass. I guess the waffles aren't "split" microfiber like most of the plush towels. That seems to be what causes linting from my experience.


The waterless wash towels are nice. I'm happy with them. I think people get too wrapped up in "plush" towels being the safest. Like the Junkman vids show, once you use a California Car Duster to knock the big stuff off, you don't really need to break out the shag carpet to do a safe quick detail.

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