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Thanks everyone



I just want to thank everyone on the forums and give a shout out to Adam and his crew for providing great resources. As a newbie, the wealth of info hidden in here plus the videos that Adam and Junkman make have been invaluable in getting started. It took a task that appeared daunting and made it manageable.


The forum archives ended up being a huge help tonight. I started in the afternoon with trying to do the hood (where most of the issues where) and was getting very frustrated from the results. What I was doing was ineffective at best, nothing seemed be coming out. I was starting to think that I wasted a ton of money on something I was clueless on. That Junkman was using trick photography in his videos to get results. :D


I took a dinner break and starting reading through the archives and found a few threads that sounded like what I was thinking. They had a bunch of tips on improving technique. After dinner I gave it another shot cutting down on the amount of product being used and adjusting the speed I was moving the PC. That ended up doing the trick for me.


I just finished waxing and I think the results came out great. At least for the first time, I'll probably look back in a year and wonder how I ever thought this was good. :loser: I got 99% of the dealer installed scratches that I was seeing (it looks like there's 1 left that I wasn't able to fully get) and the glossy look after applying Americana is great. I was surprised at how much of a mirror I got on it. I'll try to take a few photos to post tomorrow when I can get her outside and in decent light. The light in my garage sucks for taking pictures.

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Had a nice break in the weather shortly before game time today. Had been raining in the morning and started down pouring again around halftime. The blue sky with big white clouds during the break made for a nice reflection.









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Hey, this is trick photography! :D


Just messin' wit' cha' Brad! Outstanding job. Technique is everything. The more you practice, the better yours will get. :thumbsup:


Dang! I thought I did a good job hiding the photoshop lines. :glasses:


Thanks. I know I'll get better as time goes on. Once I tackle my truck I'll be a pro with how bad it is.

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