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New Adams Order !!!


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I just place a new order tonight im excited !


Heres what I got


Daily Special: Adam's Gallon of Undercarriage Spray with a FREE Fender Brush & FREE 4oz VRT


Adam's 4" Spot Pad Buffing Kit


Gallon Adam's Car Wash Shampoo


Adam's Premium Microfiber Towel Kit


Adam's Metal Polish-6oz Bottle

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That's what I said :D my wife called me a dork when I was taking those pictures. She asked why I was taking pics and I said to post on the forum of course :D


i got the same thing from my fiance...i was lining my order up to make it look all nice and pretty and she asked me what i was doing...i said i had to make it look good for the folks on the forums lol

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I'm jealous.....:bow: I place my first order a couple of weeks ago. Got my stuff......got really exciteded when it arrived :banana::banana: weather turned sucky and haven't had a chance to use it yet. :willy: however, the weekend is looking up here in Charlotte. Might hit 50 degrees. :2thumbs:


So, I may be able to finally post those after pics!!!!! :)

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i couldnt decide which one i liked best so ill just post both lol





This thread is making me want to place an order. I really like the bottles, and how the colors of the cleaners match the pads that are to be used with-pretty smart.


Guys my wife calls me a dork for things like this all the time! LOL

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Cant wait for my order to get here monday. my wife gets a kick out of it when i order stuff cause as soon as i get home for work I ask where my box is and go through it lol this order was


gallon Under carriage spray and spray bottle

waterless wash

gallon APC with the fender brush and spary bottle

Car wash trio


Glass Kit

Dual action polishing pad


and i already have a list for the next lol

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