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Feb. Photo Contest


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Im going to start this months photo contest.


From NighMare

"Ok so after November ended the adams photo contest Im starting up a new style. the rules will be no photoshop(license plate or address ect ok) no nudity/adult material-its a family forum, and to win you must follow the months "theme"(a daytime pic in a night theme will lose)


Anyway im going to start this off with a theme/pic of my own so i cannot enter but I will pickl the top 10 to be voted on. The winner will start next months photo contest and theme ect..ect. Also this contest is open to EVERYONE, moderators, vendors, Adam himself "


This Moth lets see some Car/Truck in the snow photos.




so lets see some pics of your ride in the snow ....

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There used to be a contest where prizes would be given out, but it became a probelm. There were some members that caused problems about the outcome of one month. There were a few members who liked the idea of a photo contest so they started a new version. All that is won now is bragging rights and the winner gets the ability to pick the theme of the next months contest. This is mostly just a way for a group of enthusiast to share some pictures of what we all enjoy. It is just for kicks and giggles now, but please keep posting pics guys and gals.:grouphug:

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