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Tire size/speedo error calculator


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I use to use this one. http://www.miata.net/garage/tirecalc.html I like yours better Rich. It gives error at more than one speed.

I wish I had known about these a few years back when I first put the 18" wheels on my truck.

I was indicating 77 in a 75 MPH zone in AZ when I blew right past a AZ Hwy patrol car.

She Immediately turned on the lights and pulled me over. Said she clocked me at 84. I told her that was impossible.

That I looked at the speedo as I passed and it said 77. She looked at the wheels and asked if they were the stock size. I said no.

She told me to have my speedo recalibrated because the wheels had it off by 7-8 MPH.


She then let me off with a "warning." Guess it was my gray hair and honest face. :o:confused::lol::lol:

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