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This may sound like another "whats your favorite product" question, but bear with me for a second.

If someone came up to you and asked. "What's so great about Adam's Polishes"? What one product would hand them to make them see the light?

For me it would be Detail Spray.

By contrast my personal favorite is VRT, the look on tires is just perfect for me.

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Wow tough question.

First I was going to say, Americana (even if it does smell like

eucalyptus) :bow:, but...

It's the whole polishing process that really sold me. :pc:

Each step on top of the other made each product absolutely amazing. Finally the icing on the cake is the Super Plush MS towels to bring out the luster. Every other MS towel got thrown in the rag bag.

But if one thing were chosen, it would be Americana.

Life is so good. Thanks Adam!:patriot:

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undercarriage spray....


Nice smelling too! Like grape juice.


Fine Machine Polish and Glass Cleaner. . . . . .:thumbsup:


Am I allowed to have favorites??:confused::confused:


But of course. :rockon:


I have FMP already and understand why it would be a favorite, but now I must get Glass cleaner as well.


If it's one of your favorites, I should have it too! :bow:

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