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charger lowered today

NightMare Silverado

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I just dropped her off at the show eibach pro kit being installed right now I cant wait to get her back. :burnout:


Funny, Just ordered my H&R sport springs for my evo. Want to see pics when youre done. I went back and forth from the eibachs, and h and r's. The eibachs say like 1.2 front and 1 rear but its like 1.5 front and rear on the evo and really destroys your stock struts fast. The h and r's are 1.3 and 1.4. Now if my wheels would just get here already. :burnout: Pic with wheels I have coming on H&R springs. Its an aggressive +15 offset (38 is stock) on 18x9.5s, keeping stock 245 40's.




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I've got an H&R Touring Cup Kit (springs & shocks/struts) sitting in my garage, just waiting to go on the VW. Should drop it about 1.5 inches front and rear. But more importantly it should really improve the handling and reduce body roll. :2thumbs:



Who is going to install your kit?:confused:

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