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A couple shots from the GTO today


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Well i hit it with the waterless wash, Clay, SHR, FMP, MSW, and alot of detail spray in between. She looks pretty good for 93k and not having a PC till about 85k. I got the wheel wells with UCS and hit the tires with VRT. I did a quick wipe down of the interior and used some leather conditioner. I just snapped a couple pics and then it was time to play with the kiddo.


I cant figure out how to write things between each pic so i'll run em down real quick.


1. Trunk popped from far away

2. Trunk popped close up and you can see my detail shelf

3. A pic of my custom detail supply shelf

4. My neighbors house across the street in the reflection of my trunk

5. Closer of the house across the street from my trunk reflection

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