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So I just received my last order from Adam's yesterday replacing everything that was stolen and then some. I think I now own one of EVERYTHING in his line up:banana:. I'm planning on detailing my mothers 2006 Nissan Sentra this weekend and was wondering if this was the right stages and ways to apply. Any feedback on my planned process would be greatly appreciated. I don't think the car has been washed since she first purchased it about 4 years ago.


1. Hit it with the power washer to remove all the caked on dirt


2. Foam gun and let smaller dirt loosen and fall away


3. Two bucket wash


4. Clay


5. Rewash to remove clay residue


6. SHR with orange pad using PC 7424 :pc:I have the new yellow pad, but I hope I don't have to get that aggressive with it.


7. Directly follow with FMP on white pad and PC7424


8. Followed by Revive Polish applied by hand using the flip pad


9. MSW using black pad and PC7424


??? Wait 24 hours before applying.... #10


10. Two applications of Americana


I know I have the order of the products correct, my questions are:


Should I do a wipe down between each application using DS ie SHR to FMP to Revive etc or just apply each over one another?


Second, I've read that after applying MSW you should wait 24 hours before applying the LSP (Americana). If this is true, should the car be left outside in the sun or is the garage ok for what I expect would be a "Curing time"? Saturday looks ok weather wise, but we are expecting rain Sunday. I doubt if there will be sufficent time to side outside in the sun if that is needed. If so, I will probably have to postpone the project to another weekend.


Really looking forward to jumping all over this project and want to get it right.


Thanks in advance.


I will take before and after shots.

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Your process is solid, the Revive might fall into the category of "diminishing returns" as the use of it after FMP won't add much... not saying its a useless step, but for the effort of applying by hand after you've just done a finishing polish it seems excessive.


To your questions - you can remove each stage of polish with a little DS and a clean MF if you want to inspect the work after each step, but if you choose to go one product directly over the other you can with no ill effects.


MSW will cure fully in 24 hours as long as its not excessively damp/humid, or cold out. Putting it in the sun won't necessarily speed things up. You'll know MSW is fully cured as you'll see residual hazing on the finish that will need to be wiped down. I've seen it happen in as few as 10 hours, but other times its taken as long as 24... just depends on the individual case.

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so after applying the MSW you leave it on the car for the 24 hours to haze or wipe it off after the application and any residue will cure to the haze. Sorry if I sound stupid here.


After you apply the MSW, you let it haze for around 30-60 minutes (depends on the weather). Then you wipe it off. When you come back after 12-24 hours, you may need to do another wipe down after the product has set up.

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