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TESTING- New ultra premium MF towel

Team Adam's


Greetings fabulous Adams forum members... there is a new product on the horizon and I was privileged enough to get first crack at testing and review.


The new "still to be named" ultra premium microfiber polishing towel





For those familiar with the product line the fibers of this towel falls somewhere between the triple white americana towel and the true blue super plush. Its truly a medium length fiber, leaning towards long, but theres more. This towel is literally 2x the thickness of the true blue towel as its actually 2 towels sewn back to back, as you can tell from the pictures this is one cushy towel!!


Side by side:

New ultra premium towel on the left, triple white americana towel on the right



Close up new towel:



Close up triple white (both sides)



My first order of business was to get some testing in, my neighbor and good friend volunteered his garage and a little time to get our initial 'reactionary' impressions of the towel. He was immediately impressed with the thickness and the softness of the towel. He is a long time Adams user and immediately commented on the quality feel of the towel. We gave his car a good wipe down with waterless wash and applied a coat of buttery wax.






First testing involved just ease of use. We all know buttery is easy to remove, but could it be even easier? The answer is yes. This towel when folded in 4's seems to really grab the wax and clean it from the surface in one swipe. Our testing was conducted using NO DETAIL SPRAY to aid in removal and we were both impressed with how much easier even Buttery seemed to come off.






Next we moved to a door on my (filthy) truck. A waterless wash wipe down was applied to remove the dirt and we applied a purposely generous helping of Americana to the door. We went with an extra thick application to simulate the added difficulty of removing product that might have been used to liberally or a coat of wax that might have been applied too thick.




After allowing the wax to fully haze I took a fresh towel and did a single vertical wipe with low surface pressure. The towel amazingly grabbed 90% of the wax residue in that one pass as you can see in the picture below:






I would definitely say this towel is a cut above... this will be an excellent and highly useful addition to everyones detailing arsenal. The fiber length straddles the line of really plush, but functionally short at the same time. This is a towel that lives up to the high standards the rest of us have come to expect from Adams.


Look for the towels to hit the site for sale soon, presale info for forum members coming soon. :2thumbs:

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The close up of the new towel shows a line down the middle is that just a fold line or from sewing?


I'm thinking that's just where it had been folded and the nap didn't come back yet.

Put me on the list to get one or two of those when they're out. :rockon::rockon:

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The close up of the new towel shows a line down the middle is that just a fold line or from sewing?


Actually there is a stitch in the middle of the towel. As it is literally 2 towels sewn back to back edging wouldn't keep the surface stable while using. A center seam holds the 2 towels together. Its recessed enough into the towels surface that it shouldn't be concern IMO.


I notice the wax on the avalanche was put on in a circular motion.Is that your technique vs the straight line way to put wax on?



Yes... I don't subscribe to the 'wax in a straight line' philosophy... as you should and will only be waxing freshly washed/polished paint theres no concern for swirls to be introduced in the application step. I personally find that straight line application leads to high/low spots in the application which can lead to difficulty removing the wax, especially Americana.

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The stich in the middle reminds me of a bath towel. I would be concernd with it.


Again, its about function... without it the 2 sides of the towel would slide agains each other and you'd end up with a bunchy unusable towel. I've used towels in the past that were designed that way and they were terrible.


Plus if you are folding the towel for use (as you should anyways) the stitch would never be anywhere near the paint.

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