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obliviuos drivers


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Yesterday after merging onto 4 lane freeway noticed Porshe in #2 lane going extremely slow with brakes on. I'm still in #4 lane. Comment to Lyn think that porshe has a problem and I apply brakes to slow down checking mirrors. Truck behind me goes around me just as Porshe is trying to get into #3 lane (same lane truck is in). Porshe swerves back into his lane and truck passes. This guy is trying to get off the Freeway and everyone is blowing by him. Then we see the problem...his hood has blown open and is upright on his windshield. All this time I'm checking him, my mirrors and other traffic. Ready to push flashers and go into weaving mode when notice a sports car next to me slowing. We both slow and Porshe makes it onto right shoulder.


It was unbelieveable how everyone either didn't notice or didn't care and just kept passing on both sides. Giving them the benefit of doubt these incidents can happen quickly without warning. But it was really strange seeing this guy in trouble trying to get off the freeway and everyone just zipping by :confused:

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some drivers are just aholes and just dont care. I cant count how many times I have been cutoff or almost rearended from people just not caring. Hell last night I had a guy tailgating me very very closely and if I had tapped my brakes he would have hit me so I just sped off away from him. Or you get people that drive side by side about 30 in a 45 zone. Sorry I have alot of traffic rant built up in me. :)

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